Are you starting your journey?


If you are leaving the security of second level education and on the cusp of a new journey in life then this is the blog you need to be reading. Life is one long journey, often into the unknown, and your career is like a trail you follow. Often people find it hard to follow a trail as trails don’t appear on maps – we need to make our own way. This may sound daunting but it doesn’t need to be frightening. If you are equipped with the essential information you will make informed decisions and carve out the best trail for you to embark upon and lead a fulfilling and exciting career.

My name is Oonagh Carroll and I work as a Guidance Counsellor. I help Leaving Cert. students in their quest to find their own career trail. It is a wonderful and exciting profession and I feel it is a privilege to work with young people and support them as they make these life decisions. My aim is to inform and guide students so they can follow their dreams. I support students in their  personal development and help them to search within themselves to find a fulfilling career that they will be passionate about and excel in.  This process doesn’t happen overnight and budding careers take twists and turns, often taking us where we least expect. The key to success is finding a trail that you are passionate about and that brings you to a career that is reconciled with your life values. If you are enthused by your occupation and believe in the value of your work you will feel a sense of achievement and appreciation for the importance of the job you do.

I created this blog because I understand that 6th year is a challenge for most young people, keeping on top of study is a full time job, it can be hard to find time to keep abreast of the information passed your way. This blog is a one-stop-shop for Leaving Cert students and will help you to keep on top of all you need to know to make a successful college application and transition from the security of second level to the career trail you are embarking on.

I hope this blog provides you with answers to some of the questions you have and gives you the information and guidance you require to make a successful progression from second to third level, the first journey of your career trail.

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