Career Profiles


Recruitment Partner – Claire Moran


I enjoy working with a variety of different people, giving candidates good news when they’re being offered a job they’re very enthused about and managing the key stakeholders in the business.

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Clinical Nurse Manager – Breda Murphy


It’s a tough profession at times but I do get a great sense of achievement when I make  a persons life a bit easier.

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Primary School Teacher – Sarah Tester

Art Class

It’s a rewarding job, with no two days ever the same.


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Senior Insurance Supervisor – David Hennessy


The role involves assessing the key risks facing an Insurance Company, interviewing key stakeholders, financial analysis and drafting key reports and memos.

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 Business Owner – Simon Dunne


An essential for managing a business is a good atmosphere in the workplace and friendly approachable staff.

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Graphic Designer – Neasa White


If you find yourself thinking, this menu design is not great, could be so much better, then who knows . . .  you could be a born designer.

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